No DVR video on IE9 (active x) problem, IE9 and Win7

Solution for all of you that use DVR boxes that have web interface over Active X. This solution is for people using Win 7 and IE9.

On IE9:
Press ALT, open menu Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > click on Internet icon > click on Custom level then find “Download unsigned ActiveX controls” and select “Enable” or “Prompt” for more security > click ok(twice)

Manually start power supply PSU ATX

It is very easy to jump start your power supply. Get a paper clip and short between green and any black wire.
ATX Pins voltage

other connector voltages

Fix / repair dead battery (desulfator)

I have been reading about desulfators for while and finally decided to build one. Have a few old UPS and car battery that need reviving. This is also good way to get alarm panel backup batteries to last longer. My Long term plan is to convert UPS battery as battery pack for power tools for larger job.
Most of simple design use 555 pulse generator, and some newer hi-power models even use PIC controller.

What is desulfator:
Sulfation, or lead acid crystal buildup on your battery plates is by far the most common cause of battery failure. Desulfator prevents sulfation on your battery and reverses the existing lead sulfate crystals on the plates. The desulfation process can double or triple your battery life span.

What I did:
Found on ebay for $15 printed board including all parts and decided to get it. This way it looks cleaner and get all parts with one order.

the board layout

basic schema

On ebay you can find different voltages and models that have integrated chargers (maintenance chargers). It is good idea to use these with trickle charger for 2-3 days.

Some general info
PDF schema

Raidon/Stardom SL3620-2S-LB2 problem with power supply, unable to attach hard drive

Few weeks back started to have trouble with my trusty Raidon/Stardom SL3620-2S-LB2 NAS storage. After reboot it would work for few hours and then go crazy. It would loose configuration and unable to detect hard drives. In some cases it would “forget” configuration and had to use default user account to log in. It would report: no hard drives detected.

What I did was to replace ceramic capacitor 472 500v and capacitor 1500 16V (marked in red) from power supply..

DIY network mintoring temperature humidity I/O relay controller cheap

Just a short intro on this great and cheap network box that I found on ebay for $30-40. You can connect to it 8 DS18B20/DS1822 based temperature sensors, one Honeywell HIH-4000 series humidity sensor, plus few relay. And if you get in to it could program it to do automation tasks (home automation, IP relay, hydroponics, weather station, etc).

For $30 you can get this board called WebControl (8 ports), its made by There are two version PLC and BRE. You can find on Ebay. The major problem is that during power up they will fire relays. Have used this for garage door, but had problem that it would open garage door during power up. Solution at bottom of this post.

Some info:
WebControl™ has 8 digital inputs, 3 analog inputs(based on 10bit A/D converter, full scale 0-3V), up to 8 optional DS18B20/DS1822 based temperature sensors, one optional Honeywell HIH-4000 series humidity sensor, 20 custom definable timers to combine and define its 8 digital output in any sequence of those combined input.
The user manual for PLC version and BRE version.
If you are not sure which one to get, get PLC version.. PLC has been more updated and has large number of users creating codes for it..

CAI WebControl logger a cool Windows program to log temperature data, as well as, control outputs. Works on PLC board only.
Customs plug-ins xapmcsWebControl and
Link 2 details

Solution to power up problem by Support Team at CAI Networks, Inc.

Thanks for writing to us. The processor during power up do reset on all the
output. That is probably the cause for the power on trigger.

If you could delay the power going to the relay board for a fraction of a
second, that will be fine. Otherwise, you will have to modify the
WebControl board by adding a 2.2k resistor and 47mF capacitor connected in
series. Between the 5V regulator and 16 pin AUX connector, there is a chip
marked U5, if you look the chip pin 22 now is grounded. Using a soldering
gun to desolder pin 22, and connect a wire from chip pin 22 to the resistor
and capacitor. The positive side of the capacitor connects to 3/3.3V
regulator output, the other end of the resistor connected to the ground.

By this modification, the output during power on will be disabled for about
0.5 second. That is good enough to get rid of processor reset caused spike
in the output.

Interesting links
+ Fix temperature sensor, sample PLC code link or link2
+ Moco is a scaleable software system for monitoring and control of analog and digital I/O points. link
+ Weather station link

Cheap Ethernet / Network relay control (the one you can find on Ebay for under $40)

This post is for Ethernet relay boards that you can find on Ebay or Amazon under $40. This is great way to start home automation. My long term plan is do home automation with these boards. At this moment I dont have time for this, if anyone does home automation using these, please email me…

My other post relating to making one by your self using old HP print server link

For $30+ you could can get this board called WebControl (8 ports), its made by There are two version PLC and BRE (get PLC if newbie). You can get one on Ebay, or Amazon has it as well. I have 2 of these, one major problem is that during power up they will fire relays. Have used this for garage door, but had problem that it would open garage door during power up.

More details on CAI WebControl at my other post with more details and Windows control software.

Other options:
For $30 you could can get this NAS Network USB Storage BT download (NS K330)

YouTube video as well. Also you could run Snake OS on it.

Other more expensive setups:
For over $80 you can get this as well link $80
PoE Ethernet 8 Relay Board link, POE
POE version link
Wifi version link
UK Shop link, UK

DIY car diagnostics software

This is continuation of my other DIY car diagnostic post relating to ELM 327 and VCDS cables.
I am only going to list names of software that are useful when it comes to DIY car diagnostics: service manuals and technical data.

ALL DATA – CD’s for US cars (includes OEM data, service manuals) This is software that most of US car repair shops use. Great but expensive.
Autodata – Same as All Data, includes EU models of cars. (must have)
Vivid WorkshopData – Great source of OEM data and Service Manual. (must have)
Bently Publishers – link Manuals for almost all cars. Expensive, manuals for one car cost over $100.

WIN ELSA – Service manuals for VW, Audi, Skoda cars. Used by dealer services.
ETKA – the official electronic parts catalog (EPC) for Volkswagen Group. Online version

ELM 327 Windows 7 Drivers

For some strange reason it was very hard to find these drivers on web. So here it is..
ELM 327 Win 7 Drivers or
ELM327 Win7


Windows 7

Driver installation:

Double click on the ‘CDM20600’ icon (big round red circle) a DOS box will open and close again – that’s it. This has installed the virtual com port drivers required to use the ELM 327 lead.

A very useful utility is also included ‘ftdi_ports_vista.gadget’ this install a sidebar gadget that lets you see what virtual com port number is in use (changes each time you plug the lead in). Please install this also. PLEASE NOTE THIS MAY NOT WORK ON ALL VERSIONS OF 7. If it doesn’t work don’t worry it’s not essential for operation.

Plug the ELM lead into your USB port and wait a few seconds, windows will detect the device and install drivers. When the installation is complete you will see the com port number in the sidebar gadget.

DIY car diagnostic ELM 327, VCDS VAG-COM, ODB, get started and How to

If you are new to DIY car repair or trying to figure out what that yellow MIL lamp represent, this post is for you. This post is a short intro on ODB2 and cheap car diagnostic tools like ELM 327 and VCDS. Majority of error cods can be fixes easily and do not require complex service. On the average ELM costs about $20-30 and VCDS (VAG COM) from $20-350. I will only cover cables that connect to PC and not handheld units, from my experience PC versions are more particle and can be used with different software giving you flexibility.

General Info:
As of 1996 all car have have to OBD-II compliant vehicle. There are five communication protocols: J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141-2, ISO14230-4 (also known as Keyword Protocol 2000), and more recently, ISO15765-4/SAE J2480 (a “flavor” of CAN). US car manufacturers were not allowed to use CAN until model year 2003, but as of model year 2008 and going forward, all vehicles will use the CAN protocol. ODB-II port looks like this

PWM The connector must have pins 2, 4, 5, 10, and 16
VPW The connector must have pins 2, 4, 5, and 16, but not 10.
ISO The connector must have pins 4, 5, 7, and 16. Pin 15 may or may not be present.
CAN The connector must have pins 4, 5, 6, 14, and 16

ODB in you car is located: Database of ODB connectors

Now, you might ask you self, which ODB cable should I get?? From my experience all of these protocol can be utilized by these two cables. If you own US/Japan made car then get ELM 327 cable, if you have VW / Audi then get VCDS cable.

What is ELM 327:
ELM 327 cable supports all of above protocols and can be considered as universal cable if such thing exist. These cables cost only $20-30 and are cheap way to get started with ODB code decoding… At this moment 1.4 version is most current. These cable have USB and Bluetooth version as well (get blue-tooth for Ipone interface). For Windows 7 ELM drivers visit my other post.

Good source for ELM 327 cables is ebay, they are cheap and easy to find…

ELM software:
The free version is scan tool, the software that I like are Scan Master ELM (75 euros) and ODB spy. If you ask me, Scan Master is the best ELM 327 software, giving you wide range of tools and charts.

note: for some newer VW and AUDI cars ELM 327+Scan Master will work as well (I think its 2006 and newer). ELM 327 is to fast for most older VW and Audi cars and needs to be slowed down under Option/Communication/baud rate (start with 9600 bps)

Free software
+ Scantool 1.21 (free)
+ Easy OBDII 2.4.0 (free)
+ OBD2Crazy wOBD 1.40 (free)
+ List of other relevant software

ELM 327 Links
Fiat and ELM 327 software
ELM 327 tech specs
Make your own with LCD
Make your own Can get parts from website for $35.
ELM 327 Can Bus IC
Iphone REV
Torque for Android For Mac OS X ELM 327 software as well.

VCDS is great tool for VW and Audi cars, you can diagnose car code and performance testing. The best part is that you “adapt” parameters on your car like: daylight running light, auto lock, height of your car, and etc.

The original cables can be found at link. For $350 you get original software VCDS and cable. On Ebay and some other website you can find Chinese version of these cables simply called VCDS clone, at this moment version 11 is current. The Chinese version of this cable cost only $20-30. I use this cables with great results, just keep in mind that you can not upgrade these cables or use any other version than they are marked for.

note: Do not get VAG-COM KKL 409 (blue), this is old cable that works only on older and slower on-board computers. Some people have converted the 409 to great Fiat and Alfa Romeo diagnostic tools (some soldering required).

My comments:
If you just starting with this, get ELM 327 since its cheap and can be used for many different brand of cars.

Build your own ODB reader DIY / PIC
The hardware consist of the 2 main ICs (integrated chips) – dsPIC33FJ128MC802 (3.3V) and MCP2551. Alternative device could be PIC18F4585 (5V) or dsPIC30F4011 (5V) etc. Link

DIY cheap POE 4 port injector using patch panel

By using 8-port patch panel (cost 11 euros / 16$) create 4 port POE injector. This is very simple /cheap project when it comes to POE injector.

This is done by wiring RJ45 pins (3,6,1,2) for networks to other patch panel port, and wiring power to Rj45 pins (8,7to negative DC & 5,4 to positive DC) to POE panel ports.

Full details at

See my other POE wiring and cheap ebay POE injectors posts

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